Building a Culture of Safety: Nurse Managers as drivers of safety and quality

Tuesday, 19 November 2013: 8:50 AM

Eileen Phillips, RN, BSN, MSN
Nursing Administration, Main Line Health- Riddle Hospital, Media, PA

Patient safety is recognized as a priority within healthcare and nurse leaders are expected to play a major role in driving quality and safety as part of their roles.  Because of the importance of the nurse manager role and level of accountability in the 24/7 delivery of care, it is imperative that nurse leaders and nurse managers are able to align and connect the strategic priorities with role of the staff nurse in an effective and efficient way.   Hospitals and other healthcare organizations recognize and reward leaders including nurse managers for managing outcomes and use metrics as the indicator of success.    This presentation will describe the process that a health system with five hospitals used to build a culture of safety and how one hospital used the development, education and embedding processes to involve nurse managers.   An in-depth discussion of the strategies used, lessons learned and outcomes achieved will be provided as well as how this model was implemented at other system hospitals based on this experience.