Making the Most Out of QSEN ‘s Knowledge, Attitude and Skills (KAS) Competencies in an RN to BSN Program: A Three Level Education Approach

Saturday, 7 November 2015: 3:35 PM

Guillermo Valdes, DNP, RN-BC
Roxana Orta, DNP, ARNP-BC
Benjamín León School of Nursing, Miami Dade College, Miami, FL, USA

“Making the Most out of QSEN ‘s Knowledge, Attitude and Skills (KAS) Competencies  in an RN to BSN Program: A  Three Level Education Approach”.

Literature Review: Nurse Executives, leading nursing organizations, and Magnet Hospitals, all recognize the unique value that baccalaureate-prepared nurses bring to the practice setting, AACN (2014). Academic institutions must consistently educate BSN nurses to be competitive in a healthcare environment where nurses are resourceful as accountable patient advocates. The Quality and Safety Education for Nurses Institute (QSEN) have developed competencies that closely look at nursing knowledge, skills, and attitudes to be furthered enhanced in nursing programs concentrating on Patient-Centered Care, Teamwork & Collaboration, Evidence Based Practice, Quality Improvement, Safety; and Informatics. QSEN pursues strategies to build will and develop effective teaching approaches to assure that future graduates develop competencies in these areas of practice, QSEN (2014). Purpose: The aim of this educational initiative is to validate QSEN competencies significance when generating BSN nurses as competitive employment candidates in a quality and safety driven healthcare organizational environment. Objective: To promote QSEN competencies all throughout the RN to BSN program. Methods: QSEN competencies are progressively embedded all throughout the BSN curriculum in three courses: an introductory Transition Professional Nursing course , middle of the program Research and Evidence Practice course, and in a Capstone  Leadership and Management Course. where students culminate to write a comprehensive PICO or PDSA Quality Improvement Project. Results and Outcome:  Two cohorts  have successfully completed the program with QSEN centered education developing Evidence- Based Practice knowledge and skills, acquiring situational  awareness when facilitating patient and family centered positive attitude,  effectively applying quality improvements methods and population specific healthcare clinical competencies. Local hospitals  have participated with the college to recruit our RN to BSN students for employment. Graduates of the RN to BSN program continue to be competitively hired by local tertiary, secondary and primary healthcare organizations during and after the program for staff, regulatory leadersip and executive positions.