Faces of Change: Using Masks to Capture a Moment in Time

Monday, 9 November 2015

Division of Nursing, Indiana University School of Nursing at Indiana University-Purdue University, Columbus, Columbus, IN, USA

Purpose: The purpose of this presentation is to describe how Arts-Based Learning (ABL) be used in a traditional BSN program to enhance student learning, engagement, and understanding. ABL is a "creative strategy with the potential to engage learners, foster understanding of multiple perspectives, and simultaneously connect cognitive and affective domains of learning,”

Description: Students in a sophomore level BSN program were asked to create a mask capturing a specific moment in time and then to discuss the communication principles involved with the mask and the selected moment in time. Students were given the assignment on the first day of class and presentations were the last two weeks of class to allow the students adequate time over the semester to complete the project. The excitement surrounding the ability to create something while learning was almost palpable. Students were energized and engaged in the process from the first class up until their presentations. The final products were phenomenal. The students did a wonderful job or designing their masks and discussing them as their final project for the class.

Implications for educators: Students in a traditional BSN program who are allowed to creatively express themselves by using ABL have the potential to be more excited about learning, more actively engaged in the learning process, and feel more actively involved in their learning process.