An Attitude of Gratitude: A Secret for Success

Monday, 9 November 2015: 10:40 AM

Mary Alexander, MA, BS, RN, CRNI, CAE, FAAN
Infusion Nurses Society, Norwood, MA, USA

As nurses transition through their professional careers, with many specializing within their practice, involvement with a nursing association is an important aspect of their professional development. In an age when there is competition for one's time, talent and money, how are professional nursing organizations to survive? Fostering an attitude of gratitude philosophy can impact the level of member engagement. Remaining true to the organization's mission while ensuring relevance and creating value are key elements needed to build sustainable capacity for success. Effective approaches need to be implemented in order to create momentum, engage volunteer leaders, and build organizational sustainability. This presentation will share strategies that have led one specialty nursing organization to experience years of success.