Using an Instructional Design Model to Develop a Framework to Guide Leadership in Nursing Education

Saturday, 7 November 2015

M. Anne Longo, PhD, MBA, RN-BC, NEA-BC
Longorosa Healthcare Consulting, Maineville, OH, USA

Leaders are accountable for the performance of their direct reports and thus responsible for providing a framework by which to evaluate staff education. Yet it is difficult for the leader to find examples of how to implement an overall framework that guides the development of the education. Reviewing the components of the ADDIE model with the goal of a healthy work environment, the learner will be able to evaluate if using the ADDIE model can help them meet their personal, departmental, facility and ultimately the goals of the IHI Triple Aim.

Analysis: are all programs/projects for which the leader is responsible for aligned with the Triple Aim or strategic goals? Are staff aware of their role in applying the new/updated knowledge/skill/behavior to the specific patient population?  Has the leader been able to obtain the measurements by which the education project will be evaluated? Does the leader have buy in from those who will be administering the education and the learner themselves?

Develop: How can using the ADDIE model lead to the creation of a healthy work environment for staff? Do the educators developing education understand the importance of integrating new content/skill/behavior into current practice?

Design: Is the leader at the table when decisions are being made with regard to the use of new technology? How will changing how staff communicate effect education design/implementation?

Implement: Has the leader informed the facilities interprofessional leaders of their role in supporting/communicating the goals of education? Is there economy of scale in the expense of education by combining efforts of nursing with other disciplines?

Evaluate: How does the leader demonstrate the value of education to administration, including return on investment? By having a framework to drive the leader’s overall strategy for education, can the leader prove that education contributes to the success of the facility?

Learners will have an opportunity to begin to outline how to meet a strategic goal of their own facility using the ADDIE model.