C 15 RNs in Transition: From Concept to Practice

Sunday, 8 November 2015: 4:00 PM-5:15 PM
Description/Overview: Responding to national initiatives (IOM Future of Nursing, 2011; the Carnegie Foundation, NCSBN, 2010) nurse residency programs are being developed to provide a safe, structured environment for RNs in transition. Residencies target RNs moving into the clinical setting for initial entry (both new graduate and advanced practice RNs), returning to the clinical setting after being out of the workplace for a period of time, or for those RNs transitioning between clinical settings or specialties. Although educators and clinicians agree that RNs need transition support, there are still many questions regarding how to design, implement, and evaluate a residency while considering limited human resources and financial challenges. This symposium will provide an interactive, three-pronged approach to describe the structure, process, and outcomes of a successful RN residency. Part 1 describes the program leadership and support needed to implement a successful residency. It provides strategies to assimilate all stakeholders into the organizations culture, values, and practices. Part 2 outlines evidence-based competency and curriculum development and design. Processes are introduced to determine the infrastructure needed to meet the defined objectives and goals of the residency. Lastly, part 3 will focus on program sustainability in the areas of nursing professional development for all stakeholders and goal directed, program outcomes. A well designed and delivered RN residency provides professional development opportunities for all RNs in the organization. 10 years of quality outcomes from a national database will be explored providing the evidence to support program benefits for residents, nursing units, the organization, the nursing profession, and most important, the patients that we serve.
Moderators:  Cynthia D. Heden, DNP,MSN,RN, RN, HCE, School of Nursing, MCPHS University, Boston, MA
Symposium Organizers:  Jean S. Shinners, PhD, RN-BC, Versant, St. Petersburg, FL, USA
Residency Foundations: Organizational Support and Enculturation

Larissa Africa, MBA, BSN, RN
Versant, St. Petersberg, FL, USA

Residency Development, Design, and Implementation

Tammy Franqueiro, BS, BSN, RN, RN-BC
Education and Curriculum, Versant, St. Petersberg, FL, USA

Residency Sustainability: Professional Development and Program Outcomes

Jean S. Shinners, PhD, RN-BC
Versant, St. Petersburg, FL, USA