Wednesday, 19 July 2006: 10:00 AM-11:30 AM
Evidence-Based Practice Awareness Project: Peer-to-Peer Dissemination
Learning Objective #1: Discuss the benefits and challenges of conducting EBP implementation research in which both investigators and participants are direct-care staff nurses.
Learning Objective #2: Discuss relative effectiveness of different strategies used by staff nurses to increase awareness of evidence-based practice among their peers.
Evidence-based practice (EBP), described as “essential for nurses to establish who they are, what they do, and what effect they have on patient outcomes” (Richardson, Miller & Potter, 2002, p. 44), is invariably the focus of at least one session at most nursing conferences and at least one article in most nursing journals. Despite such visibility, Pravikoff and colleagues (2005) found that 64% of clinical nurses surveyed were not even familiar with the term ‘evidence-based practice’. When asked how they answered their clinical questions, 67% frequently or always asked peers or colleagues. This symposium will describe the challenges, successes, and strategies used by direct care nurses who are testing how peer-to-peer interaction might be used to increase awareness of EBP and use of evidence in practice. Session 1 will present a staff nurse’s view of the advantages and challenges of increasing belief in and use of EBP among peers who often are focused on ‘surviving the shift’ and question the relevance to them of Nursing Research Council (NRC) activities. Session 2 will present the theoretical framework within which the NRC functions and which served as a basis for development of the EBP Awareness Project. The overall design and methods of the study will be described. Sessions 3 and 4 will describe specific challenges and strategies used by NRC members as they conducted the study in their clinical areas. The symposium will conclude with discussion among participants and speakers regarding how strategies for disseminating EBP might be replicated or refined for use in other settings.
Organizer:Priscilla Sandford Worral, PhD, RN
 Disciplined Clinical Inquiry: Advancing Evidence-Based Practice through Collaboration Among Staff Nurse Peers
Priscilla Sandford Worral, PhD, RN
 EBP Dissemination in a Level One Trauma Center
Anne E. Carter, MS, RN, CEN
 EBP Dissemination to Improve Care for Adult Oncology Inpatients
Karen E. Canale, RN, OCN
 Three Ps for Increasing EBP Among Staff Nurses: Presence, Persistence, & Patience
Jennifer Lemke, CRRN