Thursday, 20 July 2006: 10:30 AM-12:00 PM
The Systematic Review of Qualitative Findings
Learning Objective #1: Describe and discuss the role of qualitative evidence in evidence based practice
Learning Objective #2: Identify and discuss the steps in the systematic review of qualitgative evidence
This ninety (90) minute symposium session will examine the emergence of methodologies to systematically review the findings of qualitative research. There will be opportunities for symposium participants to engage in discussion and debate between the presentations and in the final session
Organizer:Alan Pearson, PhD
 The Systematic Review of Qualitative Findings
Jennie Popay, BA, PhD
 The Use of Meta-Ethnography in Synthesising Qualitative Research Findings
Jane Noyes, RN, BNurs, PhD
 Appraising, extracting and synthesising qualitative research findings using the Qualitative Assessment and Review Instrument (QARI)
Alan Pearson, PhD
 A Systematic Review on Embracing Cultural Diversity for Developing and Sustaining a Healthy Work Environment in Healthcare
Craig Lockwood, RN, MNSc