Friday, 21 July 2006: 8:30 AM-10:00 AM
Implementing Evidence-Based Practice: Role of Academic-Clinical Partnerships
Learning Objective #1: 1.Participants will understand the importance of academic and clinical collaboration with embedding evidence in practice.
Learning Objective #2: 2.Participants will appreciate the impact of a JBI collaboration has made on four academic facilities and their clinical partners on increasing evidence utilization.
This session is focused on the journey of four universities that have formed active partnerships with clinical institutions to achieve the goal of creating cultures of evidence in both the academic and practice arenas. As collaborating Centres of the Joanna Briggs Institute these partnerships have enhanced the expertise and tools needed to evaluate practice from an evidence perspective, develop evidence review priorities from clinical practice, design and conduct systematic reviews of evidence, and disseminate review findings and evidence-based knowledge. These sessions will address the challenges of synthesizing evidence for practice use and the implications of these collaborative efforts for our schools of nursing. Finally, a panel of Centre members will reveal our varied models of collaboration as well as our challenges, early successes, and anticipated longer term benefits.
Organizer:Margaret B. Harrison, RN, PhD
 ‘Walking the Talk' – Implications for Schools of Nursing and Curriculum
Margaret B. Harrison, RN, PhD, Marianne Lamb, RN, PhD
 Evidence-based Practice: Integration of Scholarship and Practice
Susan W. Salmond, EdD, RN, Leslie Rittenmeyer, PsyD, CNS, RN
 Evolution of Four North American EBP Practice Centres
Lisa Hopp, PhD, RN, Susan K. B. Jones, MS, RN, CNS, APN, Susan W. Salmond, EdD, RN, Marianne Lamb, RN, PhD