Saturday, 22 July 2006: 8:15 AM-9:45 AM
Collaborative Strategies for Implementing Evidence-Based Nursing in a Hospital Setting
Learning Objective #1: Discuss the benefits and challenges of implementing collaborative educational strategies for fostering evidence-based nursing.
Learning Objective #2: Identify local and international resources and strategies for collaboration between a public hospital and a private academic center for fostering evidence-based practice.
This symposium highlights the educational strategies of the Jackson Health System's strategic plan for implementing evidence-based nursing. The challenges of finding the common ground between academia and service and private and public institutions are addressed. This presentation features several strategies that are collaborative in nature and draw on not only local resources but also international resources. These strategies include interventions that are interdisciplinary and interdepartmental, foster joint relationships between hospital nursing service and nursing academia and lastly build international relationships in both service and academic arenas. We will describe the following interventions: the development of a hospital-based continuing education certificate in evidence-based nursing, the creation of a university-based certificate in research, and the adoption of the "Hamilton Health Sciences Model for Implementing Evidence-Based Nursing" in conjunction with a Registered Nurses Association of Ontario (RNAO) Best Practice Guideline to initiate a clinical practice change.
Organizer:Kathryn M. Ewers, RN, BA, MEd
 An Educator's Use of Nursing Models and Best Practice Guidelines to Change Practice
Mercy Rodriguez, MSN, RN, Kathryn M. Ewers, RN, BA, MEd
 Collaborative Approaches to Promoting Bedside Nursing Research Skills
Ann-Lynn Denker, ARNP, PhD, MN, BSN, Denise Korniewicz, DNSc
 Development of a Hospital-based Certificate in Evidence-Based Nursing: A Joint Venture between Nursing Education and a University Medical Library
Tanya Feddern, MLIS, AHIP, MOT, Kathryn M. Ewers, RN, BA, MEd