Thursday, 20 July 2006: 10:30 AM-12:00 PM
Chronic Care Initiatives
 Weight Gain Following Kidney Transplantation: Impact of Donor Type on Weight Gain at One Year After Transplant
Michele Blakely, RN, MSN, CCTC, Robert Stratta, MD, Alan Farney, MD, PhD, Michael Rohr, MD, PhD, Aimee Sundberg, PharmD, Erica Hartmann, MD
 Comparative Evaluation of QOL in KTP Patients and Healthy Population
Marzieh Asadizaker, RN, MSc
 Comparative Evaluation of QOF in Hemodialysis and Kidney Transplantation Patients
Sedigheh Fayazi, MS
 Holistic Assessment: The Effective Approach in Assessing Chronic Pain Among Older Adults
Susan A. Ruzicka, RN, PhD