Saturday, 22 July 2006: 10:00 AM-11:30 AM
Workforce Issues with a Global Perspective
 Creating a Culture for Evidence-Based Practice: Information Literacy
Patricia L. Richard, PhD, RN, Robin Fleschler, PhD, RNC, CNS, Julie M. Trumble, MLIS, Claudine Dufrene, RN, C, MSN
 Nursing Practice Challenges During Wartime and Peacekeeping Operations
Janice G. Agazio, DNSc, CRNP, RN, Norma J. Flaherty, RN, BSN
 Clinicians Determine What Matters Most
Bonnie L. Wesorick, MSN
 Preventing, Delaying, or Reversing Retirement in Senior Nurses
Peggy A. Landrum, PhD, RN, CS