Wednesday, July 11, 2007
This presentation is part of : Breaking the Chains that Bind: A Statewide Nursing Research Consortium Linking Academic and Clinical Partners
Evidence Based Practice and Research in Clinical Settings: The Importance of Collaboration
Susan K. B. Jones, MS, RN, CNS, APN, Nursing Research and Evidence-Based Practice, INTEGRIS Baptist Medical Center, Oklahoma City, OK, USA

The Statewide Nursing Research Consortium (SNRC) has grown out of the needs of two groups of nursing professionals that have historically not been tightly associated. Nursing students are schooled in the research process only to convince themselves that the information will not be needed upon graduation. The recent emphasis on ensuring that care is provided in a manner that is based on the evidence has helped clinicians see that understanding, interpreting and contributing to the science of nursing is their responsibility before and after graduation. Challenges facing practicing nurses with regards to research are numerous. The education levels of nurses in Oklahoma varies to include diploma, associate and baccalaureate prepared nurses predominately. Only the latter group receives training in the research process. Hospitals are then faced with educating staff about both the importance of basing their practices on best evidence, but also in research design and implementation.

The SNRC came about to link academic research mentors who have the knowledge and expertise in design and implementation with clinical nurses who are passionate about the questions they seek to answer. This network of researchers and clinicians serves to ensure that academicians have access to clinical facilities to carry out programs of research and enables practicing nurses to contribute to the larger body of nursing knowledge. A side benefit of this partnership has been the number of clinical nurses who have returned to school to complete their primary degree or to work on advanced degrees. This portion of the symposium will highlight the clinical importance of the SNRC.