Wednesday, July 11, 2007: 3:30 PM-5:00 PM
Breaking the Chains that Bind: A Statewide Nursing Research Consortium Linking Academic and Clinical Partners
Learning Objective #1: describe the process for linking academic and clinical partners together in a large geographical region
Learning Objective #2: discuss the involvement of educational partners in developing the statewide nursing research consortium
The purpose of this symposium is to describe an evolving statewide nursing research consortium (SNRC). The SNRC was developed as a partnership between Joanna Briggs Institute of Oklahoma and Sigma Theta Tau Beta Delta at-Large chapter as a solution to link clinical nurses with nurse educators. Linking these two groups allows them to collaborate in maximizing their ability to ensure that care is based on the best evidence and where evidence may not exist, to design and conduct nursing research studies to fill these identified gaps. This consortium spans multiple healthcare organizations across rural and urban settings within the state and can serve as a foundation for implementing multi-center studies. Healthcare agencies throughout the world are striving to ensure that the care they are providing is evidence-based, ultimately improving patient care outcomes. In keeping with the market demands and the growth of nursing as a profession, nursing education programs are also working to ensure that students are well prepared to practice in an evidence-based care environment. The coming together of nursing educators and clinical nurses has provided a unique opportunity for educators to mentor nurses in the research process. It has also provided practicing nurses with opportunity to seek answers to questions identified within their clinical practice. The marriage of these two groups has allowed nurse educators access to clinical settings for research projects while growing and shaping nurse researchers of tomorrow. The collaboration between these groups of nurses crosses university and hospital lines, opens up the possibilities for multi-center studies which lends the potential for diverse sample populations and larger sample sizes. During the symposium the process of forming the consortium (i.e. mission statement, needs assessment), facilitators (i.e. building support, resources for success, supporting partnerships), barriers (i.e. geographical distance, creating consensus) and recent successes will be described.
Organizer:Sheryl K. Buckner, RN, MS
 Developing a Statewide Nursing Research Consortium
Sheryl K. Buckner, RN, MS
 A Statewide Nursing Research Consortium: The Role of Educational Partners Joanna Briggs Institute of Oklahoma and Sigma Theta Tau Beta-Delta
Beverly Bryce Bowers, PhD, RN, CNS
 Evidence Based Practice and Research in Clinical Settings: The Importance of Collaboration
Susan K. B. Jones, MS, RN, CNS, APN