Thursday, July 12, 2007: 10:15 AM-11:45 AM
In Giving We Receive: Community Engagement of Nursing Students with Culturally Diverse Populations
Learning Objective #1: articulate components of an innovative community engagement model to improve health care for diverse/disadvantaged populations while enhancing clinical experiences for nursing students.
Learning Objective #2: analyze the impact of community engagement with diverse populations on the formal and informal learning of graduate and undergraduate nursing students
As populations become more mobile, health professionals at the local, national, and international levels are challenged to provide respectful and competent care to clients from diverse cultures, religions, and backgrounds. Inequities in the quality and distribution of health care add to the challenge. Nurse educators are similarly challenged by preparing students to deal with these realities. In addition, as evidence of best practices accumulates, translating research based interventions into real-world settings is challenging, especially when resources are limited. This symposium will describe educational experiences designed to develop skills in dealing with diverse and disadvantaged populations for graduate and undergraduate nursing students. Using a community engagement model, students become immersed in diverse communities and are confronted by the social, cultural, political and economic realities of their clients. As students provide an array of health promotion and disease prevention interventions, they explore strategies for translating research based interventions into real-world settings. Data related to student learning and client outcomes will be presented. This symposium focuses on an evolving model of community engagement to provide enhanced education for graduate and undergraduate nursing students providing effective care for diverse and disadvantaged populations.
Organizer:Gayle P. Olsen, RN, MS, C-PNP
 Breaking Down Biases and Changing Perceptions: Impact of Immersion in a Culturally Diverse Setting on Undergraduate Nursing Students:
Kathy Orth, MS, RN
 Challenges of Implementing Evidenced Based Practice with Diverse Populations and Limited Resources: Graduate Nursing Student Experiences in a Migrant Health Clinic
Mieca Valen, MS, RN, FNP
 Engaging the Elderly in Building Health Promotion Programs: A Model to Promote Benefits for Both Undergraduate Nursing Students and Elderly Populations in the Community
Patricia Thompson, PhD, RN
 Making a Difference in High-Risk Families: Implementation of Evidence Based Interventions by Undergraduate Nursing Students
Gayle P. Olsen, RN, MS, C-PNP, Sharon Tucker, DNSc, RN
 Promoting Cultural Competence Through Community Engagement: Immersion of Graduate Nursing Students in a Culturally Diverse Setting to Promote Health Literacy
Lisa Schnepper, PhD(c), RN, FNP