Friday, July 13, 2007: 8:00 AM-9:30 AM
Children's Mental Health
 Adolescents at Risk for Problem Behaviors
Robin Bartlett, PhD, RN, BC, Raymond Buck, PhD
 Effects of Online Game Addiction Prevention Program for Middle School Students in South Korean Urban City
Soo Jin Kim, PhD, Chung Sook Lee, PhD, Young Ran Kweon, PhD, student, RN, Bong Sil Choi, PhD
 Novel Approaches and Technology in Training for Fathers of Children with Autism
Jennifer Harrison Elder, RN, PhD, FAAN, Susan Donaldson, MSN, ARNP, Meghan Bullard, BSN, Erica Hilliard, BSN
 The Relationships of Maternal Smoking with Maternal Mental Health and Mothers' Reports of Children's Behavior Problems
Lynne A. Hall, RN, DrPH, Mary Kay Rayens, PhD, Ann R. Peden, ARNP-CS, DSN