Friday, July 13, 2007: 1:45 PM-3:15 PM
Children's Mental Health Issues
 Adoptive Families Create Environments for Resilience for Children Adopted from the Former Soviet Union: A Mid-Adolescent Follow-up
Teena M. McGuinness, PhD, APRN, BC, Janyce G. Dyer, PhD, CRNP, Kristina Schneider
 The lived experience of girl-to-girl aggression in girls in a marginalized group
Pamela Adamshick, RN, PhD, APRN, BC
 Sexual abuse/coercion and its relationship to mental health and sexual risk in adolescent girls
Dianne Morrison-Beedy, PhD, RN, WHNP, FNAP, Michael P. Carey, PhD, Xin Tu, PhD