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 Thursday, September 26, 2002

 2:45 PM-4:15 PM
Analysis and Design of Measurement Scales 
Cardiovascular Hyperreactivity and Hypertension Development: Directions for Nursing Research and Practice 
Children - Coping with Chronic Conditions 
Depression and Stress in Vulnerable Populations 
End of Life: Beliefs and Care Initiatives 
Influences & Attitudes in Breastfeeding & Nutrition 
Predictors of Adherence in Chronic Disease 
Research Instruments and Practices 
The Changing Battlefront: Preparing Health Care Personnel for Civilian and Military Responses to Biochemical Terrorism 
Understanding and Supporting Caregivers 
Womens Health: Outcomes, Issues and Implications 

 4:30 PM-6:00 PM
Caregiving in Neurological Disease: Lifespan and Chronic Illness Perpectives 
Instruments and Strategies to Promote Health 
Loss and Healing 
Recovery and Health Promotion 
Reducing Health Disparity: Barriers to Health Care Utilization 
Symptom Management and Outcomes of Cancer Patients 
Technological Interventions in the Patient Experience 
Topics in Women's Health Conditions and Concern 
Transitioning from Acute Care 
Violence: Symptoms and Consequences 

 6:00 PM-7:30 PM
 Friday, September 27, 2002

 9:45 AM-11:15 AM
Advanced Practice Nurses: Interventions and Practice Patterns 
Closing the Gap in Research: Recruiting and Retaining Children and Adolescents  
End of Life: Practice, Perceptions and Experiences 
Health Care Issues of Persons with HIV/AIDS 
Health Issues of Adolescents 
Improving Information for EOL Care 
Issues in Quality of Life and the Needs of Caregivers 
Neonatal Interventions 
Nursing's Impact on Safety and Outcomes 
Research with Older Adults: Overcoming the Challenges 
Studies in Interventions and Outcomes 
Studies in Maternal/Infant Outcomes 

 1:15 PM-2:45 PM
Improving Care For Persons With Alzheimer's Disease: Preventing Injury In The Home, Mamagement Of Resistiveness To Care, And Pain Assessment - Methods, Outcomes, Qritique And Application To Practice 
Maternal/Infant Interventional Studies 
Nursing and Patient Outcomes Research: Canadian Perspectives 
Rehabilitation: Assessment Continued 
Residential & Community Care Studies 
Studies in Female Adolescent Health Concerns 
Studies in Health Care Economics and Interventions 
Supporting Pain Management Across the Lifespan 
Symptoms as Clusters 
Technology as an Enabler of Health Maintenance and Promotion 
Topics in Education Practices and Research Understanding 
Womens Health Studies: Responses and Risks 

 3:00 PM-4:30 PM
From Concept to Practice: Innovative Techniques for Advancing Nursing Science 
Health Management and Perceptions 
Heeding Adolescent Voice to Promote Health in Vulnerable Populations 
Intervention to Minimize Risk to Children 
Nursing Role Effectiveness Model: Conceptualizing to Theory Testing 
Patient Centered Interventions 
Reducing HIV Risk Among African-American and Latino Populations: Innovations and Findings from Nursing Research 
Research in Effects and Outcomes 
Research in Smoking Influences and Cessation 
Studies in Cancer: Care Interventions and Communications 
Studies in Coping and Support 
Topics in Technology 
 Saturday, September 28, 2002

 9:00 AM-10:30 AM
Care Studies in Diverse Cultures 
Health Care in Vulnerable Populations 
Health Promotion in At-Risk Older Adults 
Methodological Issues in Intervention Research 
Physical Activity and Exercise Interventions in Chronic Illnesses 
Predictors of Health and Functioning 
Research Topics in Nursing Practice and Perceptions 
Research in Health Maintenance and Promotion 
Studies in Research and Data Management 
Trends in Evidence Based Practice and Outcomes 
Variables Influencing Nursing Practice and Patient Outcomes 
Womens Issues Related to HIV/AIDS