Thursday, 20 July 2006: 1:30 PM-3:00 PM
Advancing Evidence-Based Management
Learning Objective #1: identify Canadian and Quebecker initiatives to support Health System Managers for research-based decision-making.
Learning Objective #2: recognize the impact of peers network and mentoring support for Health System Managers.
There has been some documented success in applying best practices literature to clinical decision-making. What about Managers utilizing research-based evidence within their practice? The misleading label of «Evidenced-based Management» bring confusion within the Health Care System since this term is more often related to medical and medication management. What about «Research-based Management», the art and science of utilizing research evidence to support decision-making? Overall, research utilization for management is misunderstood. Managers themselves identify their decisions reactive, made on experience, logical thinking, trial and error. This Symposium present some Canadian and Quebecker initives of research utilization by managers to support their decision-making with evidence. The first presentation shed the light on a large Canadian Research-based Management Initiatives, the EXTRA program by the Canadian Health Services Research Foundation. The second presentation represent the work of the Center for Expertise in Organization of Health Care and Services, involving an investigation and analysis of 34 projects to extract the «Practice Guidelines in Organization of Health Care and Services». The third presentation highlight the importance and benefits of networking and mentoring for Researchers, Managers and Decision-makers involved in project management through exemples of projects management. From Research-based Management to network/mentors, participants will be invented to comments on those Canadian and Quebecker Initiatives.
Organizer:Martine Mayrand Leclerc, PhD
 Research-Based Evidence for Decision-Making Initiative
Melanie Lavoie-Tremblay, RN, PhD, Malcolm Anderson, PhD
 Center for Expertise in Organization of Health Care, Services and Work
Martine Mayrand Leclerc, RN, PhD, Chantal Viens, RN, PhD
 Networking and Mentoring: Spin-off for Decision-makers
Gilles Le Beau, DOH, MPM