Thursday, July 12, 2007
9:30 AM - 10:15 AM

Thursday, July 12, 2007
3:15 PM - 4:00 PM
Poster Presentation II
 A grounded theory study of nurses' clinical uncertainty experiences: An undiscovered area of evidence-based practice
Lisa A. Cranley, RN, MN, Diane M. Doran, RN, PhD, Ann E. Tourangeau, RN, PhD, Lynn M. Nagle, RN, PhD, André Kushniruk, PhD
 A Music Intervention to Help Cognitively Impaired Older Adults Fall Asleep
Myra A. Aud, PhD, RN, Rebecca A. Johnson, RN, PhD
 A Preliminary Study of Women's Mental Health
Ying-Hui Lee, MSN, Bih-Ching Shu, PhD, RN
 An exploratory study of nurses' experience in workplace violence
Meyrick C.M. Chow, PhD
 Anemia Management in the Orthopaedic Patient A Nursing Perspective
Heather E. Mingo, RN, BScN, MSc, FNP
 Assessing the reliability of the EORTC-C30 (version 3) questionnaire answered by home health care cancer patients in Greece and their home health care nurses
Theodoula Adamakidou, RN, Msc, Theofanis Katostaras, Phd, George Kalergis, Phd, Athena Kalokerinou- Anagnostopoulou, RN, Msc, Phd
 Biological Risk in Nursing Students
Giancarlo Cicolini, RN, Marina Pisegna Cerone, RN, Cristina Petrucci, PhD, RN, Rosaria Alvaro, Prof, Loreto Lancia, Prof
 Cardiovascular Risk Among Patients at a Rural Health Clinic in Limon, Honduras
Betsy B. Lehman, MS, APRN, BC, Jennifer B. Sandoval, RN, MSN, PhD
 Caring for women with spontaneous abortion in the emergency department
Dana Covington, RN, MS, Barbara Rickabaugh, RN, MS
 Clinical Nursing Practice Guideline for Post Extubation Care in Infant Patients
Manee Sakunpunphuk, MNS
 Collaborative Health Promotion in an Elementary School Community
Norvetta Whitson
 Colonization by Multi-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (Mrsa) in the Nasal Cavities of Medicine Students
Maria Aparecida Neves, RN, Master, Maria Martha Ferreira Jeukens, PhD, Lycia Mara Jenne Mimica, PhD, Maria Aparecida Soares Murça, Master, Valdemar Francisco, Master
 Comparison of Infection Rates, Bacterial Species and Related Factors in a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Before and After Moving into a New Building
Yong-Chuan Chen, RN, MS, Ho-Mei Chang, RN, MSN, Juei-Chao Chen, PhD
 Comparisons of the elderly's adaptation status in the community and in the institution in Taiwan
Shu-Yuan Chao, BS, MEd, DNSc, Yii-Hai Lan, MSN, Chao-Ming Chuang, MS
 Conflict Decision Making and Self-Efficacy Following a Risk Reduction Health Promotion Body Piercing Program
Joyce M. Miller, MSN
 Construct and test an evidence- based culture relevant lived experience model of elderly nursing home residents in Taiwan
Hsiu-Hsin Tsai, MS, RN, Yun-Fang Tsai, PhD, RN
 Critical Incident Management by Baccalaureate Nursing Students Using High-Fidelity Human Patient Simulation
Janet G. Whetstone Foster, RN, PhD, CNS, CCRN
 Depressive symptoms and HIV/AIDS preventive self-efficacy in adolescents: A longitudinal pilot study
Yi-Hui Lee, PhD, RN, Ali Salman, PHD, (C), DNP, RN
 Development of the toddlers reared by their grandparents: a cross-sectional study in southern Taiwan
TeFen Yang, RN, Bih-Ching Shu, PhD, RN
 Development of mass media for health promotion campaign of woodcarving workers
Susanha Yimyam, PhD
 Effect of Aromatherapy on headache in Middle-aged Women with Recurrent Headaches
Jung-Hee Cha, RN, PhD, Hee-Seung Kim, RN, PhD, Myung-Ja Kim, RN, PhD
 Effects of Foot Reflexzone Massage on State-Anxiety and Discomfort in Ovarian Cancer Patients Receiving Chemotherapy
Euy Soon Choi, MSN, PhD, Yang Sook Yoo, RN, PhD
 Effects of Holding: Comparison of Outcomes of Premature Infants During Gavage Feedings
Allyn Peters, MBA/HCM, RN, BSN, Melissa Doggett, MS, RD, Jacqueline McGrath, PhD, RN, NNP, FNAP
 Empowering Nurses to Integrate Evidence-Based Practice at the Bedside
Tracy Brewer, RNC, MSN, Lisa English Long, RN, MSN, CNS
 Evaluation of Pre-registration Nursing Education Training and Assessment of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) after SARS in Hong Kong
Kar Yan Alice Wong, RN, PhD
 Evaluation of the effectiveness of health promotion in schools-Using shuttlecock-kicking as a physical activity strategy
Jia-Shan Wu, MS, RN, Yiing-Mei Liou, PhD, RN, Chi-Chen Chiang, MS, RN
 Evidence based learning environments in clinical practice
Gun-Britt I. Lejonqvist, Lic, in, NSc, RN
 Fostering evidenced based thinking patterns and practice in novice nursing students using simulated case scenarios
Brenda Douglas, MS, BSN, Kathleen E. Bell, BSN, CCRN
 Getting back to normal: the experience of receiving breast reconstruction in women with breast cancer in Taiwan
Su Ying Fang, MS, RN, Bih-Ching Shu, PhD, RN
 Health promotion in school context – assessment of the alcohol consumption phenomenon for the construction of an intervention program
Teresa Barroso, RN, MS, Manuel Alves Rodrigues, PhD, Aida Cruz Mendes, PhD, RN
 Implementation of a Smoking Prevention Initiative
Sylvia J. Sheffler, DNSc
 Implementation of Evidence-Based Nursing: The Need for Innovative, Multi-level, Context Specific Interventions
Alain D. Biron, MSc, PhD(c), Judith Ritchie, RN, PhD, Andréa Maria Laizner, BScN, MSc(A), PhD, Virginia Lee, N, PhD, Jacynthe Sourdif, N, BSc, MSc, Patricia O'Connor, RN, BScN, MSc(A)
 Implementation strategies to facilitate transdisciplinary uptake of a clinical practice guideline for risk reduction and prevention of pressure ulcers
Kathryn M. Ewers, RN, BA, MEd, Carol Coker, MSN, ARNP, CWOCN
 Implementing a Change: Switching from Heparin to Saline in Pediatric Peripheral IV Lines; A Pilot Project
Mary L. White, RN, MSN, APRN-BC, Jamie Crawley, MBA, RN, Linda A. Lewandowski, PhD, RN
 Implementing an Evidence-Based Practice Environment: Collaboration and Innovation
Liane M. Connelly, PhD, RN, Terry Siek, MSN, RN
 Increasing Nurses Knowledge of Evidence Based Practice Guidelines to Prevent Pressure Ulcers: A Performance Improvement Project
Grace C.G. Schonhardt, RN, BSN
 Infusing Critical Thinking Skills Course Design for RN-BSN Nursing Program in Taiwan: the Initial Stage of an action Research
Pei-Rong Chang, RN, MS, Sheila Sheu, PhD, Man-Hua Shen, MSN, Su-Fen Cheng, RN, PhD, Hsiu-Fang Hsieh, Fu-Ju Tsai, MSN
 Living with dementia - a qualitative longitudinal study
Hanna-Mari Pesonen, RN, MNSc
 Magnesium and Atrial Fibrillation in Post-operative Cardiac Patients
Jodi Ann Loyd, RN, BSN
 Maternal health and infant development (6 month)
Bih-Ching Shu, PhD, RN, For-Wey Lung, MD, ScD, Meng-Chih Lee, MD, MPH, PhD
 Observations of Birth in Urban China
Lisa M. Landry
 Overweight, Obesity and Dyslipidemia in a Mexican University Population
Martha Alicia Magallanes Monrreal, RN, Esther C. Gallegos, PhD
 Patient-centred and evidence-based patient education for chronic patients
Leena Elina Patala-Pudas, RN, MNsc
 Perceived and Objective Smoking Addiction among University Students in Sakarya
Nursan Dede Çinar, PhD, Müge Filiz, MD, Cemile Dede, Msc, İsmail Sakar, Msc, Funda Akduran, Msc, Süleyman Görpelioglu, MD, Pınar Topsever, MD
 Preceptorship: Putting the Evidence into Teaching
Florence Myrick, RN, PhD, Florence Luhanga, PhD, Diane B. Billay, RN, BN, MN
 Prostate Cancer Patients' Illness Related Knowledge and its Structuring
Sirkku Rankinen, MNSc, RN, Helena Leino-Kilpi, PhD, RN
 Providing point of care education for an electronic/remote ICU
Kathleen M. Baker, RN, BS
 Quantitative Measurement of Perceptions of Self-Care Management Among Rural, Older Diabetics
Sharon George, PhD, MN, RN
 R.I.T.E Study: Researching the Impact of Compounded Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy on Immune, Inflammatory, Cardiovascular and Quality of Life Effects in Perimenopausal and Postmenopausal Women
Janith Williams, DNP, WHNP, RNC, Beverly Gerard, MD, Danita Alfred, PhD, RN
 Rehabilitation of Patients with Dementia: Cognitive Symptoms that Interfere with their Care
Katherine S. McGilton, RN, PhD, Jennie Wells, MD, MS, Aileen Davis, BScPT, MSc, PhD, Elizabeth Rochon, BA, MSc, PhD, Susan Calabrese, RN, BScN, MSc, Gary Teare, Gary Naglie, MDCM
 Relation between lower urinary tract symptoms and quality of life among a sample of female nurses in Taipei
Yuan-Mei Liao, PhD, RN
 Restructuring self: women recovering from abusive relationship
Wen-Li Hou, MSN, RN, Bih-Ching Shu, PhD, RN
 Screening for Periodontal Disease during Pregnancy by Obstetrical Nurses
Bonnie A. Clothier, MSN, CRNP
 Sources of Stress, Coping Strategies, and Outcomes among Nursing Students during Their Initial Practice
Montha Limthongkul, MNS, (Ambulatory, Care, Nursing)
 Strategies in a PhD Program to Promote Health and Eliminate Health Disparities in Diverse Populations
Eileen Mieras Kohlenberg, PhD, RN, CNAA, BC, Lynne Porter Lewallen, PhD, RN, CNE
 Supporting Underserved Pregnant Women through a Smoking Cessation Program
Theresa A. Kessler, PhD, APRN, BC, Elise M. Alverson, MSN, APRN, BC, FNP, Sarah Cottrell, N/A, Katherine Gordon
 Surgical Sponge Counting: Moving from Manual to Electronic System
Callie Sue Craig, RN, BSN, CNOR, Janet A. Lewis, RN, MA, CNOR, Stacey Decker, RN, BSN
 Symptom Prevalence and Intensity in Breast Cancer Patients Receiving Treatment
Hee-Ju Kim, PhD
 Teachers' views of teaching critical thinking in the 2-year RN to BSN program in Taiwan: A focus group study
Su-Fen Cheng, PhD, RN, Sheila Sheu, PhD, Pei-Rong Chang, RN, MS, Hsiu-Fang Hsieh, Man-Hua Shen, MSN, Fu-Ju Tsai, MSN
 Telehealth Home Exercise/Disease Management for Heart Failure: A Pilot Study
Jill M. Winters, PhD, RN, Mary Ann Papp, DO, FACC, Susan E. Cashin, PhD, Heather Seubert, BSN, RN
 The Cognition of SARS, the Satisfaction and the Willingness of Taking Care of SARS Patients Among the Nurses
Hui-Chen Chen, RN, Lu-Wen Ling, RN, Edith Sun, RN
 The Companion of the Adult Hospitalized Patient: Nurses' Perception
Aline Maria da Silva, RN, Master, Maria do Carmo Querido Avelar, RN, PhD
 The Development and Effect of a Tailored Exercise Program on Physical Fitness in Patients with Parkinson's Disease
Kyeong-Yae Sohng, PhD, RN, Dong-Won Choi, MN, RN
 The effectiveness evaluation of PACE for youth among overweight students of middle high school by CIPP evaluation model
Chi-Chen Chiang, MS, RN, Yiing-Mei Liou, PhD, RN, Jia-Shan Wu, MS, RN, Yi-Hsun Lin, MS, RN
 The effectiveness of a compound pain alleviation protocol on procedural pain Among Hospitalized Children in Taiwan
Su-Fen Cheng, RN, PhD, Pei-Rong Chang, RN, MS, Hsin-Yi Kuo, MS, Fu-Ming Jiang, BSN, Pao-Fen Shih, BSN
 The effectiveness of prone position on physiological parameters in preterm infants
Yong-Chuan Chen, RN, MS, Hui-Ming Hou, RN, MS, Ho-Mei Chang, RN, MSN
 The Effects of an Integrated Physical Examination Course on Breast Self-Examination Practice, Health Beliefs, and Breast Self-Examination Confidence among Junior Nursing Students
Sommai Vanavanant, MNS, (Adult, Nursing)
 The experience of women a year or more following breast cancer and their understanding of the meaning of loneliness
Mary Rosedale, MS, APRN, CNAA, Judith Haber, APRN, PhD, CS, FAAN, Barbara Krainovich-Miller, EdD, APRN, BC, Melanie Percy, PhD, RN, FAAN, Helen Speziale, EdD
 The illness experience of depressed women - the interpersonal approach
Ching-Chu Lee, BS, RN, Bih-Ching Shu, PhD, RN
 The Lived Experience of Nursing Students Who Study Abroad
Michelle L. Edmonds
 The longitudinal effectiveness of health passport for perimenopausal women in city and rural community
Lee-Ing Tsao, DNSc
 The Relationships between Nurses' Perception of Quality of Home Health Care and Their Attributes in Japan
Hiroe Miura, RN, DNSc, Naomi Funashima, RN, DNSc, Midori Sugimori, RN, BLL, Satoko Suzuki, RN, DNSc, Kyoko Yokoyama, RN, DNSc
 The Trends in Motivating Factors of Exercise Behavior over 6 months among Taiwanese Breast Cancer Survivors
Hsin-Tien Hsu, RN, PhD, Marylin J. Dodd, RN, PhD, FAAN, Chiung-Sheng Hwang, MD, PhD, Shiow-Li Hwang, RN, DNSc, Steven Paul, PhD, Kathryn A. Lee, RN, PhD, FAAN
 The Use of Instant Classroom Assessment Software in an Undergraduate Nursing Program
Linda W. Johnston, RN, PhD, Peggy Morowski, MSN, RN, Michele Steinhauser, MS
 Transdisciplinary collaboration in the development of an evidence-based guideline for oral hygiene for adults with special needs
Linda Nusdorfer, RN, BScN, MN, Toba Miller, RN, MScN, MHA, GNC(C, ), Heather McConnell, RN, BScN, MA(Ed)
 Using Clinical Simulation to Teach an Evidence Based Practice Hyperglycemia Protocol
Marcy S. Beck
 Using Debate as a Method to Foster Critical Thinking in Nursing Doctoral Students
Anne Young, RN, EdD, Sandra K. Cesario, RNC, PhD
 Using Education to Develop a Culture of World Class Evidence Based Practice at an Acute Care Community Hospital
Ryan C. Rohman, BSN, RN, Janet E. Craighead, MS, RN, Karen R. Dawson, MSN, RN, Kathie Hopkins, MSN, RN
 Validation of a questionnaire to test quality of life in Taiwan community-dwelling elders
Hsing-Yi Yu, doctoral, student, RN, Shu Yu, PhD, RN
 Women Writing Doctoral Dissertations: Shared Stories from across the Disciplines
Jeanne M. Sorrell, PhD, RN, FAAN, Christine Dinkins, PhD
 Women's Treatment-Seeking Behavior For Acute Myocardial Infarction: Knowledge Or Perception
Hanem F. Mohamed, PhD(c), MSN, RN, Faye A. Gary, EdD, RN, FAAN, Diana L. Morris, PhD, RN, FAAN, Marilyn "Lynn" J. Lotas, RN, PhD, Mark Carlson, MD, Hossein Yarandi