Friday, 21 July 2006
10:00 AM - 10:30 AM
Friday, 21 July 2006
3:00 PM - 3:30 PM
Poster Presentations III
 29 Minutes from Arrival to Physician in Pediatric Emergency Department: Initiating System-Wide Change
Florence Nezamis, RN, BS, MSA
 A Case Study of the "Gourmet Nursing Research" Situated Learning Model
Michael Farruggia, RN, PhD
 A Collaborative Interdisciplinary Educational Approach Using Simulation
Patricia Dillon, DNSc, RN, Kim Noble, MSN, RN, Lawrence Kaplan, MD
 A Correlational Study of Children's Experiences of Procedural Pain
Su-Fen Cheng, RN, PhD, Pei-rong Chang, RN, MS, Chi-Chun Chin, RN, PhD, Shih-Hsien Kuo, RPh, PhD, Hui-Ling Liou, BSN
 Paper Withdrawn
 A Study of Nurses' Job Satisfaction and Quality of Life
Yu-Ju Yu, RN, Yi-Kuan Wu, RN, Shu-Wen Hung, Hui Mei Wang, RN, Li-Chuan Tai, RN
 A Study on the Differences in the Culture, Knowledge, and Attitude Toward Patient Safety Among Nursing Staff from Hospitals of Different Levels
Hsueh Ling Tai, RN, Shan Huang, MSN
 A Survey of Knowledge, Attitude and Competence of NIDCAP Among Staff Members of Newborn Units in Taiwan
Shue-Lin Cheng, RN, MSN, Lee-Meei Lan, RN, MSN, Chao-Huei Chen, MD
 Accessing Untapped Research on Women's Health
Jonathon Erlen, PhD, Judith A. Erlen, RN, PhD, FAAN, Ammon S. Ripple, MLS
 Adolescents with Multiple Neurosurgeries and Experienced Chronic Pain
Hitomi Kobayashi, MSN, RN, Linda A. Lewandowski, PhD, RN, Patricia Beview, MSN, RN, Trisha Leonard, MSN, RN, CPNP, Jacquelyn M. Harold, BSN, RN, Laura Morasset, BScN, RN, April Vallerand, PhD, RN, Jamie Crawley, MBA, RN
 An Evaluation of Intra and Post-Operative Cesarean Nursing Care Designed to Minimize Maternal-Infant Separation
Anne M. Nolan, RN, BSN, MS, PhD, FRCNA, Carol L. Lawrence, BSN, Nancy Travis, BS
 An Evidence-Based Practice Curriculum: The RN-BSN Scholars Program
Karen A. Balakas, PhD, RN, Gail B. Rea, PhD, RN
 An Exploratory Study of Health Promotion Lifestyle of Community Health Volunteers
Chen-Hung Chiang, BA, Pei-Lin Hsieh, MSc, PhD, Shu-Man Lin, BA, Hsiao-Jung Chen, BA
 An Exploratory Study Toward Disclosure of Status and Reduction of Stigma for People Living with HIV/AIDS in a Low-Income Community
Ayisha Razak, RN, RM, PHN, BACur, DNEd, MCur
 Assessing the Learning Needs of Novice Nurse Faculty
Gail K. Baumlein, PhD, RN, CNS, Kathleen Lennon, PhD, RN, CNS, Nancy Rowe, PhD, RN, CNS
 Association of Negative Appraisals with Caregiving Experience Among Daughters as Community-Dwelling Caregivers in Asia: A Meta-Analysis
Chin-Yin Chou
 Body Image, Body Weight, and African American Women
Dorothy Coverson, RN, MSN, Ora Strickland, RN, PhD
 Building a Diverse Nursing Workforce: The Influence of Personal Values on Career Choice
Mary C. Dominiak, RN, MSN, MBA
 Canada's Healthy Workplace Initiative: Improving Healthcare Milieus Through Collaboration
Isabelle St-Pierre, RN, MScN, Kathie Paddock, MSc, Melanie Lavoie-Tremblay, RN, PhD
 Clarifying the Factors Relevant to Practice of Hand Washing of Nurses in Facilities for Hospitalization of the Elderly People: Based on the Results of the Multivariable Analysis of a Questionnaire
Hitomi Matsuda, PhD, RN, Yumi Hashizume, RN
 Collaboration for Prevention of Chronic Disease in Kentucky
Peggy Riley, MSN
 Community Eldercare Project: Improving Health Outcomes of Low Income Elders in the Subsidized Community Living Facilities
Kimberly Kim, PhD, RN
 Paper Withdrawn
 Critical Thinking Week: An Evidence-Based Practice Poster Fair
Susan M. Curbello, MSN, RN, CNAA, Emmanuel Javaluyas, BS, RN, Dennis W. Cook, MSN, RN, ACNP, ACRN
 Culturally Responsive Therapeutic Relationships: Integrating and Enhancing Best Practice Guidelines
Rani Hajela Srivastava, RN, MScN
 Depressive Symptoms, Quality of Life and Vitamin Supplements in Heart Failure Patients
Ali Salman, ND, MD, RN, Yi-Hui Lee, PhD, MSN, RN, Rabab Salman, MD, MS, Mary T. Quinn Griffin, PhD, MSN, MEd, RN, Joyce J. Fitzpatrick, RN, PhD, MBA, FAAN
 Development and Validation of the Women Mental Health Scale in Taiwan
Yu-Ming Wang, MSN, Shi-Ming Li, Bih-Ching Shu, PhD, RN
 Diffusion of Innovations as a Framework for Implementing Evidence-Based Practice
Maureen F. Murray, RN, MS, CNA, Jeanne-Marie Havener, PhD, RNCS, FNP
 Effect of Eye Goggles and Earmuffs on the Physiological Stability and Pain Response of Preterm Neonates
Marilyn Aita, MSc, C. Celeste Johnston, RN, DEd
 Effect of Integration of Evidence-Based Practice (EBP) Principles on Student Beliefs When Caring for Older Adults
Alice E. Dupler, JD, APRN-BC, Connie B. Boleneus, BSN, RN
 Effectiveness of a Community-Based Program to Promote Regular Exercise Behaviors in Tao-Yuan, Taiwan
Shu-Hung Chang, MSN
 Effects of an Educational Intervention of Breast Cancer Early Screening and Detection Beliefs and Practices in Vietnamese American Women: A Pilot Study
Tuong-Vi Ho, MSN, RN
 Effects of Smoking Cessation Program on Smoking Cessation Behaviors in Military Students in Taiwan
Chia-Chen Yang, RN, MS, Kwua-Yun Wang, RN, MS
 Effects of Telephone Counseling on Transitions in Stage of Behavioral Change of Korean American (KA) with High Blood Pressure (HBP)
Seonghee Jeong, PhD, RN, Eun-Young Kim, PhD, MPH, RN, Yoonjung Choi, PhD, RN, Hyunjeong Park, RN, MPH, CRNP, Miyong Kim, PhD, RN
 End-of-Life Communication in Intensive Care Units in Taiwan
Hsiu-Fang Hsieh, Feng-Ping Lee, Jing-Jy Wang, PhD, RN
 Enhancing BSN Student Use of Evidence-Based Practice in Clinical Settings
Sharon K. Kumm, RN, MN, MS, CCRN, Naomi N. King, RN, MS, Jenny Beerman, RN, MN
 Evaluation of a Workplace Health Promotion Program in the Change of Health Behaviors
Jing-Juin Huang, RN, Ching-Huey Chen, PhD, RN, Miaofen Yen, RN, PhD
 Evidence-Based Practice on a NICHE Unit: Strategies for Identifying Best Practices in the Care of the Elderly
Christine Hedges, PhD, RN, Theresa Wurmser, PhD, MPH, RN
 Final Analysis: An Innovative Process for Work Environment Enhancement
Theresa Wurmser, PhD, MPH, RN, Jane Bliss-Holtz, DNSc, BC, Susan M. Torres, MSN, RN, BC, Christine Hedges, PhD, RN
 Gender, Depression and Symptom Expression in a Cardiac Population
Heather Hiscox, MPH, Claire Venker, BS, Shu-Fen Wung, PhD, MS, RN
 Health Promotion to the Under-Served: Mobile Health Units and Wireless Technology
Susan M. Finn, MSN, APN, CPNP, Mary J. Klatt, MLIS, Eric Nygren, MLIS
 Paper Withdrawn
 Implementing Evidence-Based Practice Courses in a Graduate Nursing Curriculum
Kris Robinson, PhD, FNP, Audree Reynolds, PhD, FNP, Diane Monsivais, CRRN, MSN
 Implementing Evidence-Based Practice in Acute Care: Constructing a Culture of Nursing Collaboration
Dorothy Syrocki Haag, MS, RN, Connie L. Randolph, MSN, RN, Gina Myers, PhD, RN, Margaret Meccariello, MS, RN, Denise Deppoliti, PhD, APRN, BC
 Implementing Physical Assessment Skills and their Related Factors for Nursing Student in Clinical Setting
Liching Sung Wang, MSN, RN
 Improving the Care for Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease: A Community Based Approach
Miaofen Yen, RN, PhD
 Information Needs of Joint Replacement Preoperative Patients
Yili Ko, RN, EdD, Pi-chu Lin, EdD, RN
 Intentional Non-Adherence with High Blood Pressure Care Among Middle Aged Korean Americans
Eun-Young Kim, PhD, MPH, RN, Hae-Ra Han, RN, PhD, Seonghee Jeong, PhD, RN, Hyunjeong Park, RN, MPH, CRNP, Miyong T. Kim, RN, PhD
 Is the SANE Role within the Scope of Nursing Practice? The Sexual Assault Nursing Resource Service in Taiwan
Chen-Fang Lou, RN, MS, Mei-Yu Yeh, RN, PhD, Sheuan Lee, RN, PhD
 Knowledge Integration: Embedding Evidence into an EMR
Laura Crozier, RN, BC, MBA, Sharon Massa, RN, BC, MSN
 Life Review at End of Life: Measures of Outcomes, A Pilot Study
Frieda R. Butler, PhD, RN, MPH, Amani Babgi, BSN
 Long-Acting Opioids for Treatment of Post-Operative Pain After Total Hip and Total Knee Replacement Surgery
Tabatha L. Bowers, RN, BScN, MN, GNC, Shirley L. Musclow, RN, BScN, MN, ACNP, Hannah Vo, BScPh, Thong Nguyen, BSc, Mark Glube, MD, FRCP
 M-Learning and Collaboration Among Students
Tami H. Wyatt, PhD, RN, Nan Gaylord, PhD, RN, Shelley Yerger Huffstutler, DSN, FNP, GNP, Patricia Biller Krauskopf, PhD, RN, CFNP, Andrew J. Ward, MA, BA
 Making the Transition from Research Utilization to Evidence-Based Practice
Mary Hagle, PhD, Kathleen Bobay, PhD, APRN, BC, Deborah Gentile, MSN, Jan Mills, RN, Marie Golanowski, MS
 Managing Intractable Symptoms Other than Pain: The Role of the Acute Care Nurse Practitioner in the Pediatric Setting
Maria Rugg, RN, MN, ACNP, Sherri Adams, RN, MSN, CPNP
 Medication Safety from Taiwanese Nurses' Perspective
Lih Jen Lin, RN, Shu Chiao Chen, RN, Li-yun Lee, RN, Li Hui Su, RN, Ssu Chun Pi, RN, Hsiao-Huang Lee, RN
 Middle Manager Leadership Training: Does it Make a Difference?
Lydia R. Zager, MSN, RN, BC
 Milieu Change and Relocation Adjustment in Elders
Abir K. Bekhet, RN, Jaclene A. Zauszniewski, PhD, RNC, FAAN, Elizabeth A. Madigan, PhD, RN, May Wykle, PhD, FAAN, FGSA
 Optimal Bedrest Duration Following a Cardiac Interventional Procedure to Prevent Vascular Complications
Cynthia Honess, RN, MSN, Gertrude Kent, RN, BSN, Sara Kovacs, RN, BSN
 Optimization and Simulation for Nurse Assignment
Deborah F. Behan, MS, RN, BC
 Participant Response to an Inner-City Weight Loss and Exercise Program
Karen E. Walker, RN, PhD, Cecily Knauer, BS, Diane C. Adler, PhD, FAAN, FCCM
 Perspectives of Persons with Early-Stage Dementia
Marsha L. Lewis, PhD, RN, Laura Nelson Kirk, MS, RN, Kenneth W. Hepburn, PhD
 Physical Measurements of Oxygen Saturation and Blood Volume by Near Infrared Spectroscopy in the Preterm Infant
Karen Boone, RN, BSN, Rosalie O. Mainous, PhD, RNC, NNP, Kyung Kang, PhD
 Pilot Study to Test the Face Validity of the English Version of the Japanese Self Evaluation Scale on Role Model Behaviors for Nursing Faculty and Faculty Attributes Questionnaire
Patricia Ann Gorzka, PhD, Naomi Funashima, RN, DNSc, Tomomi Kameoka, RN, DNSc, Kumiko Hongo, RN, MN, Hiroe Miura, RN, DNSc, Nobuko Yamashita, DNSc
 Pipeline to Registered Nursing (PRN): Increasing Workforce Diversity
Charlie Jo Morgan, PhD, RN, Vaneta M. Condon, RN, PhD
 Predictors of Depression in Type 2 Diabetic Elderly
Chou-Ping Chiou, PhD, Yu-Ling Bai, RN
 Preventing Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia in Neuro Trauma ICU Patients: When Evidence-Based Practice is Not Enough
Paul T. Loflin, PhD, RN, Belle Davis, RN, Audrey Fisk, RN, Robert Crommett, MD
 Promoting Knowledge and Collaboration Through the Use of Simulation in Nursing Education Research
Reba Moyer Childress, MSN, FNP
 Quality of Life of the Low Income Woman During Pregnancy
Rosa ┴urea Quintella Fernandes, PhD, Tamara Iwanow Ciancirullo, PhD, Nadia Zanon Narchi, PhD
 Quantitative and Qualitative Approaches to Understanding the Mental Health Needs of Transitional Street Youth
Elizabeth McCay, RN, PhD, John Langley, MD, Heather Beanlands, RN, PhD, Linda Cooper, RN, PhD, Patricia Robinson, RN, MEd, Carol Howes, MSW, Karen Bach, BA, MPsych, Colin Dart, MSW, Susan Miner, Naomi Mudachi, Marianne Rigatti
 Relationships Between Personal Attributes and Quality of Clinical Teaching Behaviors of Nursing Faculty in Diploma Programs in Japan
Toshiko Nakayama, RN, DNSc, Tomomi Kameoka, RN, DNSc, Naomi Funashima, RN, DNSc, Midori Sugimori, RN, BLL
 Risk Factors and Medication Adherence of Pulmonary Tuberculosis in Military
Nai-wen Chang, BS, MS, Kwua-Yun Wang, RN, MS
 Self-Care Behavior and Predictors in Type 2 Diabetic Elderly
Yu-Ling Bai, RN, Chou-Ping Chiou, PhD
 Simulation: In or Beside your Curriculum?
Sandra Devlin-Cop, RN, MScN, CHE, Julie Sullivan, MN
 Sleep Disturbance in School-Aged Children with Asthma
Pi-Chen Chang, PhD
 Stress, Maternal Adaptation and Different Severities of Nausea and Vomiting: A Comparative Study in Taiwan
Shih-Hsien Kuo, RPh, PhD, Fan-Hao Chou, RN, PhD
 Successes and Challenges in Communicating with Participants in an RN Residency Program
Lucy Wysocki, RN, MSN, Bonnie Raingruber, RN, PhD, James Hill, RN, BSN, Peter Rutan, RN, Carol Robinson, RN, MS, FAAN, Celeste Roseberry-McKibbin, PhD, Kate Shade, RN, MSN, Mary Braham, RN, PhD, Denise Wall, RN, MSN, Robin Kennedy, PhD, Susan Eggman-Talamantes, MSW, PhD
 Paper Withdrawn
 The Caring Quilt Model
Marilyn S. Haupt, RN, MSN, Robert Gordon Hanks, MSN, BSN, RN, Elizabeth Gressle, RN, MSN, FNP-C
 The Comparison of Closed and Open-System Endotracheal or Tracheal Tube Suctioning on the Effects of Arterial Oxygenation and Breathing Effort During Mechanical Ventilation Without Pre-Oxygenation
Chiang Shu-Chen, RN, MS
 The Effectiveness of the Hand Washing Teaching Program for Families in Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU)
Yong-Chuan Chen, MS, RN, Li-Chi Chiang, PhD
 The Establishment of School-Base Case Management Model for the Adolescents with Hypercholesterolemia
Shu-Yuan Chao, BS, MEd, DNSc, Li-Ling Hung, RN, MSN, Li Chun Chang, RN, MSN
 The Illness Behaviors of Military Women
Candy Wilson, MSN
 The Interaction of Diabetes and Cancer Treatment: An Exploratory Study
Constance Visovsky, PhD, RN, ACNP
 The Perceptions of Caregivers in Procedural Pain Management for Hospitalized Children
Pei-rong Chang, RN, MS, Su-Fen Cheng, RN, PhD, Shih-Ping Lin, RN, BSN, Shih-Hsien Kuo, RPh, PhD, Shin-Yi Kuo, RN, MS
 The Relationship of Spiritual Health and Depressive Tendency Among Nursing Students in Taiwan
Ya-Chu Hsiao, PhD, RN
 The Relationships Between Personal Attributes and Level of Learning Needs of Nursing Faculty in Japan
Hiroe Miura, RN, DNSc, Naomi Funashima, RN, DNSc
 The Study of Renal Transplant Recipients' Uncertain Feeling After Surgery and its Related Factors
Shue Fen Lin, RN, Shan Huang
 The Trends in Exercise Participation for Breast Cancer Survivors In Taiwan
Hsin-Tien Hsu, RN, PhD, Marylin J. Dodd, RN, PhD, FAAN, Shiow-Li Hwang, RN, DNSc, Chiung-Sheng Hwang, MD, PhD, Kathryn A. Lee, RN, PhD, FAAN, Geraldine Padilla, PhD
 The User-Acceptance Evaluation of Care Plan Decision Support System
Yuann M. Tzeng, RN, MS, Yu-chih Chen, PhD, Shin-shang Chou, RN, MSN, MBA, Li H. Lin, MS, RN
 Transforming Hope: Lived Experience of Infertile Women who Terminated Treatment After In-vitro Fertilization Failure
Tsann-Juu Su, RN, PhD
 Utilization of a DVT Nursing Protocol to Decrease Incidence of Thromboembolism in an Acute Care Setting
Phyllis A. Roseberry, MS, RN, Mary D. Date, MS, RN
 V-ATI: Global Access to NCLEX Review and Remediation for the International Community of Nursing Students
Tanya D. Whitehead, PhD, Kathryn Meglisch-Tate, RN, MSN
 We Got Them Back, Did They Stay? Initial Results of the Effectiveness of an Online RN Refresher Course for Inactive RNs Returning to the Workforce
Sherry Hull, MS, RN, Jami Michelle Nininger, MS, RN, CCRN